Lakeshore Assembly of God Church
8880 Lakeshore Blvd.,
Mentor, Ohio 44060
Phone: 440-257-4819
Righteous Brother's
Men's Ministry
Pastor Craig Thompson & Pastor Jim Porostosky
Our Mission
To bring men together for Fellowship, Food and Fun. To develop Godly relationships with other men.To help men to grow in the Lord.
Calling All Men!

 Take a 6 month challenge, for 6 months
 actively become involved in the Men’s
 ministry. Come and allow yourself to be
 open to others and see if God will grow
 you in your personal relationship with
 Him and with others around you.

  You only get what you put into it so dig
  deep and see what happens.
Sunday Evening Worship
  3rd Sunday Evening Monthly
Time 10:30 am
Time 6:00 pm
This day and age there are many absentee men. Absentee fathers, husbands and friends. God is calling each of us to be involved not only with our families but also with our Church and to deepen our relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Too many of us have fallen asleep and allowed others to say what’s right or wrong.
If we have no relationship with our Lord or with each other, it’s easy to fall asleep and be unaware of what’s happening in our own back yards.
Stir us up in the Holy Spirit, Lord and bring that Righteous flame to purify us and make us ready for battle!
Asst. Pastor
Craig Thompson
Event Name / Time/     
 Mens Fellowship/Study - 6:00pm
 @ Lakeshore A/G
1st & 3rd Wednesday 
Seeker's Bible Study @ Dennys
11:00 pm Everyone's Welcome
  Each Wednesday 
Contact Pastor Jim for more Information @440-257-4819
Why is it so hard for men to ask for prayer? Are we afraid someone will think it shows weakness?. Even Jesus asked his disciples to pray while in the garden.

Prayer in agreement with another person is powerful. The Lord says where 2 are gathered in His name, He is there and whatever they ask in His name will be given them if they agree as touching something. May we learn to put our feelings side and grab a friend and pray.

Each of us need friends. True friends are rare, the number of real friends most people have can usually be counted on one hand. We want to develop deep true friendships with each other. We need the fellowship of the body of Christ. The Lord Jesus is our example, may we follow Him.
Cars, Friends, Worship
Guys love doing things…why not do things for God? Why not do things with others? Why not even enjoy things that you do? You CAN!
It is not a sin to have even fun doing what is right. We have a blast being a witness for Christ at car shows, at the speedway, or at someone’s home enjoying food and fellowship. Sometimes fun happens when you don’t expect it. Like helping someone move, fixing someone’s car that can’t afford it, or just having coffee with someone who needs encouragement. We can and will sharpen each other if we just give ourselves a chance. So come and give it a try. If you are perfect, no need to apply…
put if you realize how far from the mark you are…you will be right at home. We know we are not perfect, yet we trust and serve gladly the one who is!
It’s time for us as Men to b leaders in our family, to have a fire in our spirits. A fire that brings righteous changes in our hearts. Having a heart to seek God, having the Lord turn our hearts back to our children and back to our responsibility and position as men.
No boundaries.. there is no limit to what God can do if you try. Our church believes in reclaiming individuals for Christ. No one is perfect but God uses us in whatever way He sees fit. We at Lakeshore are not interested in your pedigree, we are interested that you know Jesus, and make your life available to Him for His service and worship. What’s important to us is men having a relationship with Christ and building relationships with each other.
Get Involved!
Thursday Evening Bible Study
Time 7:00 pm
Real Men Pray Together
 Meetings 1st & 3rd Wednesday Evenings of each Month
What a blast! Each month our Men's and Women's Ministries have a fellowship and a friendly competition. We challenge each other to see which group can bring the most people. So far, the Ladies have had just a few more. The challenge is on.. but it's not over yet.... maybe next month, guys...
Men's Ministry
Assembly of God's
Lord, Light the Fire Again!
Mens & Ladies Monthly Fellowship
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Morning Bible Study
Time 9:30 am
Pastor Jim