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Lakeshore Assembly of God Church
8880 Lakeshore Blvd.,
Mentor, Ohio 44060
Phone: 440-257-4819
This is a very intimate style of worship. Worshippers are encouraged to prepare to meet with Jesus. Focusing hearts towards God, encouraging reconciliation & forgiveness. Clean hands & a pure heart, ready to worship God in the Holy of Holies. The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. It is reflective for the worshipper and contemplative. In essence, we seek the Face of the Lord and listen for His voice. The music is mostly contemporary.

 We have returned to the old model of the Temple, entering His Gates with Thanksgiving and into His courts with praise then moving on into the Holy of Holies
Event Name / Time/Location     
Coffeehouse  1st Sun 6 pm mthly
Resurrection Cantata
 April 1st 10:30 am
 Christmas Play  Dec
Sound Off
Relevant Ministry
Contemporary Worship -
Harp & Bowl
Worship Teams
Youth Worship


For everything there is a time and a season. Our church has enjoyed having a lot of young musicians in our midst. We hope to develop a youth band again soon. As young people grow into adulthood, they need a place to fulfill their purpose. We give opportunities for teens to share their giftings as the Lord guides us.

Youth Music & Worship Team
Mel Cosby
Reaching Young People for Christ
Mrs. Patricia Borsini
Pastor of Youth & Music
Led By The Spirit

Each service is led by the Holy Spirit, is orderly in accordance with the Bible but we are open for God to interrupt our program and schedule & have His way with the service. In fact, we invite Him to do so.
He has apprehended our services many times and miracles happen when we give God room to move.
We enjoy an extended time of worship and prayer each service. During praise and worship, our intercessory Prayer Team, pray & anoint with oil all individuals that come forward to the altar for prayer.

The altars are always open to anyone who wants to come seek the Lord. We continue to experience the miracles of God & feel His presence during worship.

Prayer for the sick, those in need & anyone desiring a touch from the Lord can come during praise & worship and receive ministry.
Patty & Jeff Borsini Worship Leaders
 Patty Borsini, Pastor of Youth & Music
It is important for a church to be relevant to the times. Although we are not to be conformed to this world, we must be able to speak to the people of this time and relate to them. Thatís why we are a multi-media, worship oriented church. We have depth in our worship time and want to draw others to a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.
Mark Sharp
Jim Holtz
Darrel Anderson
Director of Nursing
 Home Ministry
Tabitha Hoover
Team Leader
Kathy Rivers
Al Dunlap
Jon Hudson
Allison Lester
Team Leader
Patty & Jeff Borsini Worship Leaders
Music Ministry
Jeremy Lester
Al Jr
Our Worship Team:  Song:
I Yield My Heart to You
written by: Frank D Gagliardi
Sample of Worship
at Lakeshore     
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2013 Teaching on Worship
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