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Interceeding For Others
Following Prayer Requests
Mrs. Kathy Hudson
Prayer Team Leader
Are You Under The Umbrella?
As a the Youth and Music Pastor, I see that God has moved so much here at Lakeshore. Itís exciting to see requests for prayer come in and knowing God is answering sometimes even before we get the prayer request. Faith is growing in the lives of individuals here when they see how God responds to them , seeking His face and not His hand. When you have His face, you already have His hand.
Teach Them To Pray
Youth Prayer Team

Kids must learn where to go with their struggles and their troubles when it goes beyond a parentís ability to help. Calling upon our Heavenly Father, we are rising up young people to intercede for themselves and for others.

Over the years, Iíve found that journaling helps keep my mind focused and Iím able to write down my requests, give them to the Lord and later chronicle His responses. What a boost to my spirit when Iíve seen sometimes years later, God answered a little prayer in the most amazing way.s excellent information regarding worship.
How Are You Wired?
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Prayer is a powerful weapon the Lord has given to each of us. After being saved, each person has the ability to intercede for others. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal; they are spiritual and are for the pulling down of strongholds.
 The battle we fight is spiritual and must be fought with spiritual weapons. We must have faith; Even if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

Our Church: Every church has itís own personality and strength, ours is prayer and worship.Here at Lakeshore, we are fortunate to have a Pastor that is a Worshiper and a Prayer Warrior. He is sensitive to the move of the Spirit and is quick to follow Godís leading.

During services our pray is corporate as well as individual. We experience the operation of the gifts of the Spirit during our services, Speaking in Tongues followed by interpretation, words of knowledge, etc.
 Patty Borsini, Minister of Youth & Music

Everything we attempt to do for the Lord must be under a covering, an umbrella of prayer. First, we must ask the Lord is this your will? Next, we begin to pray for this covering, protection, and blessing upon what ever it is we are attempting to do.Many good works have been started in the name of the Lord, but all were not from the Lord. Prayer is a way to seek His face and find out. Jesus said ďI only do what I see the Father doing.Ē This was a key to His success in ministry and it should be ours as well.
Are you called to pray? Do you have a passion to pray and have a burden to pray for others? Prayer Team Members are person who God has called to prayer and make Lakeshore their home church. If this is you, contact Pastor Jim, our Lead Pastor. We have Team Members that pray for needs of individuals that put their prayer needs in our prayer box. (the box is on the left portion of the platform) They also pray for the needs of the church on a regular basis.
Prayer Team Meeing 7:00 pm
Are You A Prayer Warrior?
Intercessory Prayer
Each Sunday morning and evening during praise and worship our intercessors pray for the sick, those in need and anyone who need a touch from the Lord. We have seen such powerful moves of God through this time of intimate worship and prayer.

If you need a touch from the Lord, come to Lakeshore, our altars are open. Come, seek Godís face at the altar and pray. We anoint with oil in accordance with scripture. We have seen and continue to see healings, individuals set free from bondage and filled with the Holy Spirit during our services.

The River is Flowing in Mentor, OhioÖ come, jump in to the River of Life and find the answers to your questions. Where two or more are gathered in Jesus name, He is in the midst them. We believe in the prayer of agreement, we also believe in asking the Lord for His will to be done. Sometimes people pray and get no answer or at least no answer they recognize.

Many have said, why didnít God answer. Instead they should have asked ďwhy didnít He give me what I want?Ē At times when youíve prayed and asked the Lord for what YOU want, youíve prayed in error. Thatís not necessarily according to Godís plan or will for your life.

Those requests He will not honor. Asking, praying, seeking, knocking are all actions God encourages us to do. He promises that if we will seek Him, we will find Him. If we knock at His door, He will open it. Prayer is one of the keys to having a relationship with the Lord beyond our initial salvation. Prayer without ceasing, turning from our old self and resisting the devil are important to our growth in the Lord.

 Come pray, and watch the Lord move.
Kathy Hudson
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