Lakeshore Assembly of God Church
8880 Lakeshore Blvd.,
Mentor, Ohio 44060
Phone: 440-257-4819
Women's Ministry
To bring women together for Fellowship, Food and Fun. To develop Godly relationships with other ladies.To help ladies to grow in the Lord.grow in the Lord.

 As women in Christ, we must take charge over our own lives. To often we are so caught up with work or the lives of our families and friends that we neglect our own relationship with the Lord. We urge you to get into the word. Come to Bible study Sunday Mornings or get involved with Thursday night Bible study. Know your word. This is a mighty weapon God has given us, use it!
Sunday Evening Worship
  3rd Sun each Month
Time 6:00 pm
One way to hear from the Lord is through reading the word of God and praying. We as women donít realize how important it is for us to be read up and prayed up so we are ready for the battles of the day.
Lord Jesus, stir us up in the Holy Spirit, bring your gentle sweet spirit to empower us and make us ready for battle.

Another way to hear from the Lord is through our personal time of worship. Take time to meditate on the Lord, listen to praise and worship and sit at His feet.Seek Him and you will find Him.
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As women, we need to hear from the Lord. To some, Everyone and everything else is more important. This is the downfall of our homes. Taking time to hear from the Lord today. In order to hear from Him, we need to first know the Lord and 2nd take time to listen.
Here at Lakeshore, ladies are free to serve wherever God calls you. Our Pastor oversees and encourages ladies to exercise their giftings and talents. We believe in empowering women to become all God has for them to be. Women pray, lead worship, teach classes as well as serve on the kitchen committee. What a blessing to be allowed to serve God. Are you looking for a place to grow? Do you need encouragement to step out? Thereís first hand experience here in God moving on the hearts of ladies and them being empowered to serve.
There are so many places to serve at Lakeshore. All you have to do is look and youíll see a place where you can be used to serve the Lord. Childrenís church, nursery, Sunday School teaching, Kitchen etc. the list goes on and on. The key is having a willing heart to find your place. It takes all of us working together with a unified heart and purpose to make this place go round. Do you want to be needed? Do you want to be loved? Come check out the friends at Lakeshore. We love having more friends so come in and find a friend.
Each of us need friends. True friends are rare, the number of real friends most people have can usually be counted on one hand. We want to develop deep true friendships with each other. We need the fellowship of the body of Christ. You must learn to be a friend to have a friend. The Lord Jesus is our example, may we follow Him.
Finding a prayer partner is an important step in our Christian lives. As we get to know each other itís so much easier to call a friend and pray. We can also keep each other accountable for things we are trying to do.
Worship, Drama, Cooking, Teaching, PreachingÖ..
Our Women's leadership team: Diana Thompson
& Lisa Porostosky
Our Leadership:
Our Mission
Thursday Evening Bible Study
Time 7:00 pm
Get Involved
Women's Ministry
Each month, our Womens and Mens Ministry have a joint meeting. What fun. For those of you that do not want to leave your husband behind to go to a Womens meeting, Don't bring him along. The guys meet at the same time, same place. There's friendly competition to see which group can pack the house more. Ladies so far have always won. Keep it up Girls!
Ladies Pray Together
Get Involved:
Busy, Busy, Busy...Our lives are so full of activity
that we donít take time to listen...right or wrong.
Sisters-In-Christ Ministering to One Another
Calling All Ladies!
Sunday Morning Worship
Time 10:30 am
Event Name / Time/ Location     
Ladies Fellowship at Lakeshore
 Wed at 6:00 pm
3rd Wednesday each month   
Victorious Virtuous Women
(Single Women's Ministry)
1st Wednesday each month
6pm at Lakeshore
Calendar Events
Ladies & Mens Fellowship
Don't miss out, Get Involved every 3rd Wednesday Evening at 6:00 pm. Our ladies meet for a time of fellowship and sharing
Ladies Fellowship
*****New Ministry*****
Victorious Virtuous Women
(Single Women's Ministry)
Meet the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6 pm at Lakeshore
Calling All Single Ladies!
Single Ladies Meet the 1st Wednesday each month at 6:00 pm at Lakeshore
Contact Lisa Porostosky or Diana Thompson for more Information @ 440-257-4819