Lakeshore Assembly of God Church
8880 Lakeshore Blvd.,
Mentor, Ohio 44060
Phone: 440-257-4819

Young Adults & College Ministry
Leaders: Mike & Amber
Our Mission
To bring young adults together and give them a place to have fun and serve God.
Sunday Evening Worship
   3rd Sunday Monthly
Time 10:30 am
Time 6:00 pm
Young Adults have the opportunity to not only participate in the Singles Ministry as well as the Young Adult & College Ministry.

Food, Fellowship and Friends are all part of the ministry.

Building serious relationship, sharing and their faith in Christ.
Contact Mike Madger for more Information @ 440-257-4819
It's so important for young adults to be involved in worship. We gain our greatest victories during times of intimacy in worship.

Praying for God to Intervene in our circumstances is a regular occurrance in our church.

God has brought us together and as we agree in prayer, God answers.
Looking for Leadership
The Lord has shown us the need for a young adult ministry and we are taking steps to make a start at having a group.

Are you called to be a leader? We need a Christian Young Adult between 18-25 yrs old that feels the call to lead this group. Under the umbrella of the Youth Ministry, Patty Borsini is ready to sponsor new leadership in this area. Contact her for details.
Get Involved!
Worship & Prayer
Assembly of God's
Lord, Empower Us
Sunday Morning Worship
After high school graduation, young people no longer belong in the Youth Group. Young Adults need a place to come together and find their own way. This is the time when most young people make choices to serve God or to serve the world. Having the fellowship of other Christians will help keep you on track.
Age 18 - 25
Calling All Young Adults
Young Adults & College Ministry
Coffee House
1st Sunday of Each Month
Ministry of Friendship

Each of us need friends. True friends are rare, the number of real friends most people have can usually be counted on one hand. We want to develop deep true friendships with each other. We need the fellowship of the body of Christ. The Lord Jesus is our example, may we follow Him.