Lakeshore Assembly of God Church
8880 Lakeshore Blvd.,
Mentor, Ohio 44060
Phone: 440-257-4819
Couples Ministry
Rob & Kelly Edmonds
Our Mission
To bring Couples together with other Couples. To be a support for each other and to build friendship through fellowship.
Time 10:30 am
Valentine's Banquet
Contact Rob or Kelly Edmonds for more Information @ 440-257-4819
What a Wonderful Time We Had!
If you would like to get involved, you can join our group. Whether you are looking for a place to serve or a place to belong,
look no farther.

We are moving and shaking. Don't stand still and fade out, be involved.. Find your place to belong. Serve God with all your heart. This is a family. Whether you have one or need one, you will find God's Love Here!
Get Involved!
Thursday Evening Bible Study
Time 7:00 pm
Monthly Meetings
Couples Ministry
Assembly of God's
Lord, Teach Us Your Ways
Ministry of Friendship
Sunday Morning Worship
We meet monthly for fellowship and Bible Study at the Edmonds' house.
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Marriage Matters
@ Edmond's House
Join Us!
    Kelly Edmonds
Couple's Game
Valentine's Banquet
In order to build strong families, we need strong relationships. We are focused on building relationships with each other and with Christ.

If you want a strong marriage, develop a strong relationship with the Lord.

             Come check it out.

Eat, Pray, Love. Even though this phrase is a title of a movie, where no true meaning of life was found, no real truth, the answer is a relationship with Christ, we found the answers everyone needs.

The real meaning of life is to Love the Lord with All Your Heart and to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.