About Us


A Church is born...

Lakeshore Assembly of God began in 1970. The founding pastor—James Yeary—met under the trees of a home in Perry with 13 other people. They did this all summer long without weather interruption. Eventually, a building in Mentor became the church's new home. In the course of 10 years, it developed into the building it is now. 

On September 8, 1991, James Porostosky was made the new senior Pastor. 

Since then, the church has further expanded in its mission to reach thousands for Jesus Christ. Our church is a true loving family, active in the community, and supports more than 27 missionaries locally and across the world. 

Pastor's goals can be summed up in our mission statement: 

"Lakeshore Assembly of God, Mentor, is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled fellowship dedicated to the worship of a Sovereign and Holy God; the preaching of the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; and the discipleship and involvement of every member into Christian service and witness to our community and world." 

Lakeshore Assembly of God: where everybody is somebody, and Jesus Christ is Lord!

Our staff

Sr. Pastor James Porostosky and Lisa Porostosky


Pastor Jim and Lisa have served Lakeshore Assembly of God since the 1970s. Click the link right below for information.

Assistant Pastor Craig Thompson and Diana Thompson


Craig and Diana have been at Lakeshore Assembly of God for more than 10 years. Click the link below to read their story.

Youth Pastor & Minister of Music, Patty Borsini


As well as being our church worship leader, Pastor Patty has been faithful and tireless in her dedication to working for God with our youth. She heads Teen Cafe every Sunday as well as manages  youth events, outings and gatherings. 

Church Secretary, Lisa Porostosky


Lisa is in charge of the administration of our mid-sized church which serves nursery children to adults. She also communicates information to other branches of church administration—from our many publications to weekly and monthly scheduling and tracking of events. Her many years of service have made it so she is the go-to person if you have questions. Lisa will either be able to directly give you information, or point you in the right direction to get your answers!